Gas Boosters need to be changed every five years

Gas Boosters need to be changed every five years

It is a legal requirement that all gas boosters must be inspected at least once a year and the fan bearings need to be replaced every five years.

ACS lead service engineer Ben Joseph has encountered dozens of sites whereby previous contractors have either neglected to service or done so without the correct certification. “Our team are finding gas boosters which have not been installed or maintained in accordance with legislation,” he said. “This is extremely worrying, especially in densely packed locations like London, as it can lead to the failure of the bearing and fan units, and potentially an explosion.”

The fan bearing, and gas and drive seals are vital to a gas booster’s safe operation. They need to be replaced at least every five years, irrespective of whether or not they are damaged. Doing so will ensure the safe and efficient running of gas boosters.

An increase in operational noise can signify a damaged fan bearing, but we would always advise not to assume that you do not require a service simply because the unit “sounds normal”. An annual inspection will ensure safety and if there are any damaged parts, they can be identified and replaced.

ACS’s recent investment in training has given it the opportunity to support a greater number of clients and provide a better service for businesses searching for a qualified gas booster engineer.

Anyone with gas booster-related queries can call our helpdesk & technical helpline on 01483 237812.

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