Water Chlorination

Chlorination is a method that can be used to disinfect water to safely protect its quality and public health nationwide. Our fully trained and experienced engineers can professionally disinfect water tanks, supply pipes and water systems through the process of water chlorination ensuring it is safe for human consumption.

Why is Chlorination important?

This integral disinfection process will sterilise your water systems from fatal diseases such as Legionnaires disease. Legionnaires disease can be as easy to contract by inhaling moisture of tiny droplets of infected water. Chlorination ensures that water tanks, pipework and associated systems are free from bacteria. And, at ACS we provide a microbiology analysis certificate to support this which is performed by a UKAS accredited library.

When do I need Chlorination?

Conforming to the British standard BS8558 (formerly BS6700) there is guidance put in place that specifies when to have your water chlorinated. This includes:

  • If contamination is suspected in water tanks or pipework
  • Legionella risk assesments
  • Modified, new or refurbished water systems
  • Inactivity of water systems

How does a Chlorination service work?

When a new water supply is installed to a site, we flush the pipework and inject a chlorinated solution into the system to disinfect all the inner surfaces. Once the required contact time has been achieved the water is drained from the system and neutralised in-line with environmental requirements before being disposed of safely. The water system is then flushed again with fresh mains water and sampled so that a microbiological analysis can be performed by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

On receipt of the microbiological analysis results, we provide all customers with a report and certificate of analysis for each sample taken. This certifies the cleanliness of the tanks and pipework and most importantly provides customers with quality assurance records for any environmental health officer visit/inspection.

How can ACS help you?

Our water chlorination treatment service can help you maintain the highest standards of water hygiene and most importantly control levels of bacteria in your water systems helping keep your colleagues and the public surrounding you and the nation safe.

We provide professional water treatment and water hygiene services for London, Surrey and the South East. Our fully trained and experienced engineers can assist in a wide range of water treatment services including water tank cleaning and disinfection, water chlorination and legionella control & risk assessments.

For further information on how our water chlorination services can benefit your organisation please contact our dedicated team or alternatively email us at Office@acs-southeast.com and we will be in touch.

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